I just started the Bitcoin Cash Learning Center in my local town. (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

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Today, the street view of a small city (100 000 people) changed a bit. I am assuming that by now most people in Red Deer have heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. But it still remains something that is distant for most people. In my city today that changes. Now when people walk in the main street of Red Deer they will see a little sign. This let's people know that this distant thing is now coming closer and might soon also have some kind of influence on their life.

The main purpose of my center is education.

I will be working together with the owner of a travel agency and sharing a office with him. When his customers want to pay with crypto, I will be his financial guy for that.

As soon as COVID is over, we will start organizing free classes that are open to anybody, but with a specific focus towards refugees and immigrants.

Red Deer is a place where hundreds of different cultures from all over the world meet in one city. Filipinos, people from South-Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, many spanish and portuguese speaking people from South-America, lots of people from Ukraine and the balkan countries.

We play soccer together, we go to church together, we make music together.

Almost all of these people have loved ones and family in their origin countries. Many of them support the people they left behind financially.

Bitcoin Cash is going become a tool for that, that will make their life a little easier and will make all of them a little richer as they will be able to bypass local corruption and financial gatekeepers. Saving money on overheads costs and middleman.

I will give these people the minimum of information they need to make the right kind of choices and decisions without overloading them with hard to understand knowledge.

So right now it's going to be almost 100% focussed towards training people up how to work with the Bitcoin.com wallet on phones and Electron Cash on computer and laptops.

I will teach people a 3 layer system.

On your phone you only keep a maximum of 1 week worth of wages and you have a backup seed on a piece of paper.

On your online computer you only keep a maximum of 1 month worth of wages and you have a backup on a piece of paper and an encrypted wallet on a thumb drive on a second location.

On you offline computer you have no limits but you have 3 backups at 3 different locations and you written down seed goes in a small safe.

Next to training up people for free, I will always look for talent. Those people that I see really get it will be trained up to also become educators in the hope that one day they will go back to their origin countries and start training up people there as well.

This is also going to give me access to an almost endless supply of tutorial videos and how to's that will be all made available under a Creative Common License.

And finally to finance all of this I will be using my own money, I might do a flipstarter once in a while and I will start a second business once I have my brokerage license to attract Canadian dollars from investors who would want me to buy and sell and trade for them. Eventually leading to the start of an OTC trading firm.

Er is er maar een de BASS,en dat ben IK!

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Zondag morgen trance/edm

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Dit zijn de EDM/trance stukjes van een 2 uur durende twitch stream.

De hele stream kun je vinden op twitch --> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/923064889

Of hier op youtube --> https://youtu.be/2raMcN2JfJs

Gaat van alles mis bij Binance.

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Ik krijg momenteel van de grote Bitcoin whales door dat er grote interne problemen bij Binance zijn. Omdat hun systemen geautomatiseerd zijn op Ethereum, er nu van alle misloopt omdat het Ethereum netwerk zo overbelast is. Dit is de reden dat BNB op een week tijd van 42 dollar naar 300 dollar gegaan is. https://i.imgur.com/ugF4FWmm.png

Op Binance zit namelijk elk bedrag onder de 10 dollar vast tenzij je er BNB van maakt. Daarnaast kun je ook interesten betalen in BNB. De exchange koopt dus heel slim de hele tijd zelf BNB op. Dit gaat nu erg fout waardoor iedereen kan zien dat de prijs van BNB niet organisch is en oneindig hoog kan gaan omdat BNB gewoon zelf door de exchange gekocht word omdat ze elke bedrag onder der 10 dollar vast zetten.

Ze zijn altijd al vrij shaddy geweest en CZ is een echte piraat die in geen enkel land belasting betaald en Binance is officieel ook in geen enkel land gevestigd. Kwestie van tijd voor een land belasting eist en de wet en de handhavers van de wet achter CZ en Binance gaan. (maar welk land? Waarschijnlijk europa of Amerika)

Ik heb net mijn laatste BCH naar mijn eigen wallet laten sturen. Maar staat nu al uren in "processing" door een AWS storing.


De signalen zijn er. Ik heb een voorgevoel. Ik heb MtGox nog meegemaakt .... dus.

De kanarie in de koolmijn leeft nog, maar hij ademt wel moeilijker ....

Ik heb in ieder geval al mijn funds weg gehaald. De rest zoekt het maar uit. Not your keys, not your coins!