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Busken in Berlijn. nl

Door Kain_niaK op woensdag 24 juli 2019 08:10 - Reacties (2)
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Na Calgary nu op weg naar Berlijn voor een week muziek spelen in het Mauerpark en voor een aantal grote dancings.


Ik ga ook een video met Rick Falkvinge (oprichter van de Piraten partij) maken en langs het hoofdkwartier van Soundcloud om over Bitcoin Cash te praten. ("tip the drop")

En dan nog een zooi mensen opzoeken die actief zijn binnen de Berlijnse Bitcoin Cash gemeenschap, die is met een stuk of 200 mensen redelijk groot.

Ik heb helaas in Calgary niet zo veel filmpjes gemaakt van mijn muziek. (had een hele chille avond in Calgary toen ik samen met een sax meneer ging spelen, maar vergeten te filmen)

maar dit keer ga ik dat zeker niet vergeten.

Ik hoop dat ik Meute tegenkom, die spelen regelmatig in het Mauerpark en ook andere parken

Busking with Transistor Bass (FL Studio) in front of Palace Theatre in Calgary during the Stampede

By Kain_niaK on vrijdag 19 juli 2019 03:17 - Comments (1)
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Short vid made by a fan and posted on reddit where I found and downloaded it to put it on my youtube channel. https://www.reddit.com/r/...k_soundcloud_for_keeping/

In this FL Studio project file I have the following instruments.

- Electric Guitar I made myself in patcher. (huge CPU usage)
- Bass + Pad + Lead combo made in patcher which uses Cthulhu to only send the lowest note to the bass but the entire chord to the pad.
- Force Lead from Omnisphere
- Square Lead from Sylenth1, which cuts through absolutely everything and works on almost anything EDM.
- Transistor Bass acid preset for then I am playing over non melodic stuff.
- Wurlitzer from Keyscape for playing my own stuff and jamming over Daft Punk tracks like "Something about us"

I have my own tracks loaded in as waves that I jam over and I have other people their tracks that I jam over. Once in a while I do a bit of DJ'ing but FL Studio is not a good program for DJ'ing, I will work on using deckadance as well. (I have zero DJ experience, I compose and produce and work on the audio of short films but have not yet tried DJ'ing)

And then I play my EMD from scratch using only a Stylus RMX beat and my Bass + Pad + Lead combo which is sidechained and sounds really good on my tailgater speaker which has pretty decent bass for it's price.

Here I was jamming over Spencer Brown his miami liveset. at 43 minutes. (the track that has the windows 95 start up sound in it, at which point I switch to my electric guitar to jam over it.)

Inside the palace theatre was Markus Schulz on friday and virtual riot on Saturday. I made lots of money on Saturday because virtual riot was primarily playing dubstep and I got multiple 20 dollars bills from people asking me I for the love of God I could please play them anything but dubstep. So that's when I usually jam over Sequence, Ignition, Start by Ferry Corsten. or play my own live stuff.
sometimes using a looper sometimes not.
Easy money :-)